Drive through the charming Nevisian capital of Charlestown at the start of your tour of this tranquil island. En route you will see historical churches, drive through quaint villages, and catch a glimpse of the Nevisian way of life. Your first stop will be at the small Alexander Hamilton Museum, located in Hamilton House, named for one of Nevis’ most famous sons, Alexander Hamilton, First Secretary of the Treasury in the USA. Your tour also includes stops at two of the famous Inns of Nevis. Old Manor Estate is rich in the history of the days when Sugar was king in Nevis, and still charms with its panoramic views. At the Golden Rock Plantation Inn you will enjoy the tranquil beauty of the pleasant gardens, and be charmed by the former sugar-mill now a honeymoon suite. Finally you will drive to one on Nevis’ finest beaches for a period of fun at the seaside and a drink at the beach bar.

Duration: 3 ½ hrs

Minimum: 6 Maximum: 75

Includes: Entrance to Museum and fruit punch at the beach

Recommend: Beach towels and sunscreen

Cancellation Policy: 50% if cancelled after final counts are received


5 min    Drive to the Museum of Alexander Hamilton Museum 20 min Visit the Museum

15 min  Drive through Charlestown to St. John’s Fig Tree Church

10 min  Brief stop at Fig Tree Church (not exiting the vehicle)

10 min  Drive to Old Manor 20 min Visit Old Manor

20 min  Drive to the Beach

1 ½ hr  Relax on the Beach

10 min  Drive to the pier