Theme Decor & Entertainment

When it comes to events, no two customers are alike.  Each has a different objective, attendee demographics, budget, history and more. At Kantours our commitment is to meet those varying needs with no program being too small. We differentiate ourselves from others with intricate attention to detail, regardless of the size of the group and the creative décor required.  This is achieved through our commitment to satisfy our customers’ needs coupled with access to St. Kitts’ best theme resources.

The typical procedure for destination management companies is for the sales representative to determine the needs of the customer, relay those specifications to a theme party supplier, wait for the proposal and then incorporate it into their own.  This process limits creativity because the theme party provider looks first to the assets in their warehouse.  If the destination management company is in the prop business, it is even more tempting to maximize inventory that they own.  In either case, the focus shifts from the customer’s needs to the supplier’s products.

We do more for the customer. First, we make it our responsibility to know all of the resources available, their costs and logistical characteristics. Once our creative team qualifies the customer’s event, their base of knowledge and talents will be used to create a customized event. Some events need components from as many as 15 different partners, and we work with each of them directly to ensure success.

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