Travel Representative Services

Kantours is positioned to provide the following travel representative services for the clients of our principals at competitive rates.

1. Confirmation of hotel bookings with local hotels upon receipt of rooming lists from the principal and upon receipt of additional bookings within the release period agreed between the principal and the hotels.

2.   Airport assistance and transfers. A Kantours representative, in uniform, will greet clients just outside the Customs Hall at the airport, and provide assistance in directing clients to their waiting transportation (cool towels and bottled water optional). Upon departure from St. Kitts a Kantours representative will organize a transfer to the airport and provide assistance there.  The representative will attend to clients in the event of a delay or cancellation.

3.   Welcome meeting. A Kantours representative, in uniform, will visit clients at their hotel to welcome them and provide useful information on the island, the resort, excursions and other activities that are available.  A welcome package will also be given, containing general tourist information.

4.   Visits and telephone contact. The Kantours representative will visit the clients in the hotel on an agreed number of occasions each week.  In addition, during the welcome meeting, clients will be given the Kantours office telephone number as well as the Kantours representative’s cell phone number so that help is never more than just a quick phone call away.

5.     In resort assistance. Kantours will deal empathetically, speedily and efficiently with clients complaints, endeavouring to resolve them quickly on site without the need to elevate the matter to the principal, unless absolutely necessary. We will ensure that assistance is given to clients in the event of:-

- dissatisfaction with assigned accommodation

- loss, damage or delay of property

- emergencies of any nature (e.g. illness, repatriation, death, natural disaster, etc.)

6.    Reconfirmation. Kantours will reconfirm clients’ onward flights as specified in their confirmed itinerary.

7.     Principal’s Information. Kantours will prepare a folder and/or display a notice board in all hotels detailing the principal’s information according to the principal’s specifications and    with the consent of the hotel.

8.     Holiday report. If, and when required, a holiday report will be forwarded to the principal’s Client Services Department at the end of the clients’ holiday.

9.     Liaison services. The principal’s head office will be regularly updated, as necessary, with relevant information on the destination.

10.   Other Services. Kantours is also well placed through our DMC office in St. Kitts and our travel agency department located in Basseterre to provide assistance with purchase of airline tickets (should such a need arise) and any other travel service needs.